WordPress SEO: Easy SEO Technique For Your WordPress site

In this specific Course I’m going to show you how to turn a long or very ugly long affiliate links into short and pretty links.
Now you may be thinking why in the world would I want to do this.
Well I mean think about it.
Let’s say you go to Google and you find a site and it is very very low.
If you’re going to copy and paste that into WordPress site and somebody clicks on that and maybe it
looks really really unprofessional then you want to make sure that it looks professional.
So that’s what we’re going to do today.
In this specific video what I want you to do now is simply head on over to WordPress
and you’re going to look for a specific plug in.
So go in or plugins click on Add new and do a search for pretty links.
Click Search plugins.
And it’s the light version. Pretty link light.
This is the free version is basic and this is really all we need.
So click on install Now click OK enter your FCP username and password.
Click on Proceed click activate plug in and there we go.
Now to walk you through the process.
Of using pretty links so simply click this here.
And we can click on Add a pretty lake and here we go.
This is very very easy to use.
Now the first thing you’ll need to do is to have a your up either an affiliate URL or a very long
or just something that you want to cloak so that you can make it look professional.
Let me hop on over to Google dot com and find a very long link.
So let me give you an example here.
Let’s say we have a site
about panda bears so I’m going to type in panda bear.
We’re going to click on images and I’m going to pick a panda bear
So maybe we’ll just pick this person next person.
But bear So view original image.
I don’t recommend that you take an image off some of these Web site and put it on to your own website
because that would violate copyright laws and this and that.
But this is a great example.
So I’m going to copy this and if we enter the target you are all here we can instead internet profits
University slash panda panda bear children.
So we got tarty you know you’re pretty like your title now.
Your title should be something related to your keyword
and then under options we have groups you can add a group in this case.
We’re going to leave it as it is for you options you can have a no for this link.
We’re going to leave that blank perimeter for adding you’d do not need to check this.
This is for advanced users.
And it says track hits on this link.
And that will be great if we can see how many people are going to the specific pretty link.
when we click on Create we have now created a pretty link.
So now instead of that really long your el as you can see here if we go to your domain dot com slash
Panda it goes straight to the specific site.
Now this is great especially if you’re promoting an affiliate product and you have this really really
long your L or your fering to site and it has this really really long you RL instead of doing that you
can simply cloak it Traxler the hits and make it look professional.
So that’s how to shorten a very long link and keep it on your website and that’s it.

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