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Welcome to viral content because I’m your assistant who will guide you through the site. Viral content buzz is the

free social media promotion site that lets you get help promoting your content. Simply register the site by providing

your username email password and name. Don’t forget to read our Terms of Service. Now activate your email

address by clicking a link in the email message and log in. The first step is to enable your social media accounts.

You’ll be using them to share other users stuff. Simply go to settings social accounts click Enable next to Twitter and

authentication say we are using. In the settings menu select your favorite topics to better target your dashboard. If

you love them you are now re disturbed sharing other people’s stories. Each time you share another user story you

get credits. You can spend those credits on your own projects to get more tweets and likes from other members of. To

add your own project please click add project and provide your story details. Title short description and most

relevant categories. Your project budget is how much you are going to spend on it in total you can select which social

networks. You can also check retweet me option that will include your Twitter username and each tweet for you.

Click submit and your story will be sent to the moderators for review once your project is reviewed. It will be

available for other members of the community to share. ViralContentBee is a social media marketing web platform

that uses crowdsourcing templates to create a real social environment for high quality content. With

ViralContentBee, you can get shares of Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Tweets from your existing social

network accounts, which are usually outside your social media channel. Organically share social networks and offer

real content from social networks to your content! Not only do Google like these types of signals, but they also mean

more eyes in their content (and, therefore, more traffic and brand). This type of organic exchange in social networks

provides the best opportunity for viruses to infect web content. This Udemy course explores the key features of

ViralContentBee and shares case studies and tips from experts in content marketing. Register at ViralContentBee to

quickly start with all the content and social media marketing you have learned about this course. It’s absolutely free:

no proofs or demos are needed! Register and you are ready to play!

Which are the requirements?

  • Personal or corporate website

What will I get in this course?

  • See the key features of the ViralContentBee blogger
  • Share traffic and influence building technology
  • Social media marketing sample
  • Basic content marketing concepts and tactical list

What is a target audience?

  • Blogger
  • Writer
  • Digital marketing
  • Content creator
  • Author
  • webmaster
  • Viral traders
  • Inbound merchants
  • contractor

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Instructor Name:  Ann Smarty

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