How to Outsource Content Writing Online for Your Site/Blog

I want to thank you for being a part of this course and in expression of my gratitude. I’m going to tell you

straight up what some of my favorite places are to hire writers. Now you’re going to want to go through

the rest of the course because we’re going to learn all about. But right now I’m going to give you some

advance notice of some of my favorite places that have actually Now I’ve worked with more than 200

writers online and I’ve had experience with all kinds of hiring platforms. So these are just some of my

favorite. Now there’s pros and cons with every single one but I’m going to walk you through the basics of


First of all I love writer access. It’s a great place to get content relatively quickly. It’s a content

management company meaning that it operates similarly to other places where you would around to

you. It’s relatively inexpensive it’s still going to be an investment for you to get your writing done. My

favorite place to hire writers has been up work people have positive and negative feelings about. But I’m

here to tell you that it’s probably because of who you hired and how you hired them. And that’s why

you’re in this course right to learn more about how to hire content writers effectively up work is the

largest freelance job board site in the world. Lots of jobs are posted there every single day. And the

company has a lot of experience representing both clients and freelancers. You might be asking how does

that work. you will deposit funds into an escrow account. If you’re paying a fixed price or you will deposit

them into you will basically just have a credit card or other payment form on file and every week when

they submit their hours that will be taken out of So that’s important to keep in mind how you set up the

job on upward. But there are lots of qualified writers on up work as a freelance writer and hiring there as

well. But it really matters what you post in the job post and it really matters. Some other information

about how you talk to people that are on the site how you evaluate them whether So you have to do your

homework up work makes it pretty easy for you by presenting to you a lot of different And I have a

separate course all about how to hire people specifically on the platform of work so that Facebook groups

are another great way to hire content writers because you can get referrals from other .There are a lot of

blogging entrepreneurship an online business Facebook groups that have a promotional to do white

papers or blogs and people will contact you directly. I’ve worked with Katie Smith she’s amazing and

personal referrals are always a great way to go when already hired and worked with a particular writer I

strongly recommend that Facebook groups are another Kind of like red or access it can be a little bit

expensive. You can order content directly with a particular title and your guidelines. So the content is

reviewed before it gets to you. And I believe they have a relatively friendly policy if you are dissatisfied

with the work if it were I believe you are eligible to receive a partial refund. Another place where you can

find a lot of writers and a great amount of opportunity is constant content so that’s something you may

want to consider if you’re going to be hiring a lot of writers or if you And finally this one’s one of my

favorites too I’ve actually met one of my favorite writers from this I built an entire team of writers just

from this site. It’s called WHCA M.Com work at home mom dot com. They have forums on this Web site

where you can go and post who you are looking for. And then people on the site can be prompted to e-

mail you or to send you a private message directly I have found a lot of great writers and it’s awesome. If

you’re brand new to the prospect of hiring writers and you don’t have any knowledge of what it’s across

the board you’ll get expensive people who the business for a while charging a hundred dollars have the

talent. Find that in Facebook groups. These are great places to find writers can be really helpful for you

to determine exactly who you want to end up hiring. And it can even be a good idea to scope out a couple

of these different places to determine maybe a So I wanted to give this to you early on in the course. So

did you have this to refer back to as you work through the material and think about who might be as

you’re thinking about your task job and how you’re going to evaluate somebody who’s writing samples

it’s going to be a little bit different based on what direction you go. They’ll let you see General samples

but it might not necessarily be the writer who’s working on your So you’re more counting on the fact that

they’re an agency and they have editors employed to ensure off work at home mom dot com you’re going

to be evaluating their writing samples directly. These are my favorite places. There are definitely other

places where you can hire writers but I just wanted to share from my experience some platforms that I’ve

had a great experience with. I’d like to share a little bit more information about who I hope will get

something out of this course. There are many different people who may be in the position of hiring a

content writer but this course. Your decision to outsource content writing to another person is an

important one and it needs to be You need to understand the benefits of outsourcing your content

writing to someone else as well as some aspects of your business. If you hire the right person to handle

the project for you then you’ll also get the peace of mind that copy or whatever it is that you have in mind

for your content writer to do. The downside of this is that your content writer may take some practice

before they get to the point So any time that you hand off control of a writing project to another person

there is the potential There may also be an adjustment period as you introduce the concept of guidelines

and what you expect It’s unlikely that the first person you hire will handle everything perfectly from the

moment that you You need to give them great instructions and keep in communication over the course

of the project. The purpose of this course is to help that entrepreneur or that business person or project

manager who’s thinking about outsourcing content writing to somebody else and I’m going to walk you

through how to So, you know you need content on your company’s website or blog, but it’s likely that:

I do not have time to do it.

I’m not sure of the best practices to create and market content online

Do not trust your writing skills.

Make sure you make the most of each created piece.

If you’re there, I understand. I helped hire more than 100 content creators for other companies. And in

the process, I chose many tips and tricks to make things easier. In this course, you will learn more about

some tips on how to set up a test operation to make sure you choose how to find the right content

writers, the best way to get a freelance writer, the right people to work with.

However, the relationship does not really end. You will learn more about the benefits of hiring content

creators and how to get them to have a positive experience. Tertiary your writing to others can lead to

faith, but when you defend the author well, you can find peace of mind knowing that you have a true


Which are the requirements?

  • The computer must be available at the default level.
  • I should have a general idea as if I wanted the finished content.

What will I get in this process?

  • What to look for when hiring independent writers
  • How to perform a test to evaluate someone
  • How to give good writing instructions
  • How to evaluate writing samples

What is a target audience?

  • People who want to outsource content creation
  • A person who wants to use the power of a freelance writer

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