Master Facebook Pixel in 45 Minutes

Master Facebook Pixel in 45 Minutes

Master one of the most powerful tools in the online marketing nowadays. It will take only 45 minutes.

Hi everyone and welcome to the core semester of Facebook pixel.

I’m Daniel and I’m going to be your teacher for the next few lectures until you master the Facebook

I’m Daniel from again.

And we are supporting up shippers and affiliate marketers in their operations.

One of the ways we’re doing that is by education and this course is one way to help you guys reach the

success you’re looking for with one of the most powerful tools out there in the online marketing world.

No doubt about it.

The Facebook pixel.


We’re going to see what we’re going to go through in the next few lectures.

So first we’re going to introduce you to the pixel itself and talk about what a pixel does what we need

We’re going to create a pixel interface where we’re going to learn how to do that.

After that we’re going to implement the pixel in the Google tag manager.

And here are the GTM that we’re going to use it to implement it in other web sites.

And afterwards we’re going to implement it in wordpress.

We’re going to use the GTM also.

It’s going to be a little fun actually.

After that we’re going to implement the big thaw in Shopify.

I’m sure most of you are doing drop shipping in some way.

So Shopify is no doubt the number one e-commerce providers today for drop shipping.

So anyway we’re going to do that also, later on, we’re going to create some audiences based on the pixel

where we’ve implemented in our website or store and we’re going to end by launching a campaign based

And we’re going to optimize by some of the events we’re going to use in the pixel.

Hey everyone welcomes to lecture number two in our core semester Facebook pixel.

Like we said last time in this lecture we gunna learn about the pixel itself what it can do.

And so on.

So we’re going to start by a simple example of how it works as you see on the left side there is a post

that we promoted about the Facebook pics or web in our we did on the beginning of December.

Anyway this ad leads to our Web site as you can see this is the first stage from the ad that goes straight

to the Web site.

And there we wanted people to sign up to our Web.

So the action is being made in the web site.

In our case it’s web in our That leads to our forum.

Our goal was to generate as many leads as weak as we could for the web.

So in this case as we said the action is reduced registration that’s been made in the website.

So the pixel stands right here in the middle of our Website and the ads manager which are the campaigns

transferred to the pixel and then it affects all the optimization and targeting depends on the identity

or the target in your campaigns on Facebook.

in the lower prices.

This is how it looks like just several lines of code that should be implemented in your website and

the values there are being sent.

Each time the pages with this pixel loads all the information here is being sent to Facebook and then

from his tech tablet.

It doesn’t really matter.

your campaigns on Facebook and better optimization.

better performance and understanding of your traffic and your users behaviors as you can see we have


It’s mostly for e-commerce businesses.

For the example that we saw earlier we should use one of those one of these to generate lead or complete

And also there’s an option to create a custom one.


We will learn it later on in the next lectures.

just a line of code inside us inside a script.

Usually this kind of script will be placed in the thank you page or any other trigger that you identify

We’re going to see how you can do it in a very simple way with the Google Tagamet and during the next

So this was about the events and now we’re going to pretty quickly talk about other kind of conversion

volume thrive as a bridge or whatever that uses this kind of conversion pixels these specific ones I

But anyway the difference between the type of pixels that is of course the technology used of the communication

Anyway the image pixel looks like this as you can see there is the size of a pixel inside the tag.

Then we have the trecking script which looks basically the same as you can see there are the same values

in all three which is which are the values that are needed for volume to understand the conversion and

and the last one is the server the server posed post back your URL.

This is the way it looks like just a URL and this is the preferred way if you have the option to use

This is the one that causes last less work.

They were going to go through in the next lectures to learn how we are we use it we’re going to actually

We have Shopify GTM and wordpress.

It’s going to be fun.

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