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Welcome to our Corps projects an electron by edgy Onix.

My name is Brett.

I’m going to be your instructor throughout this course.

I like to give you an overview of what this course is all about.

A little bit of background on me.

I’ve been developing software my entire career and it’s been in web and desktop and also mobile application development in regards to electron.

It’s a unique application or a unique development environment because you can create desktop applications using Web technologies.

Now so many people out there are web based in their knowledge.

So this lets you then create those desktop applications without having to learn a new language to create

those applications.

So this is pretty exciting because it’s an interesting technology.

Let’s go ahead and see what we’re going to do in this course.

So in the first module we’re going to get an introduction.

And that means we’re going to get ourself really familiar with what is like training is how it operates

what the component parts of it are then we’re going to see how to do the installation and we’re also

going to look at an IED it’s going to be cross platform.

It’s going to be free.

And actually you’ll find that you can use probably any ID that you do your web development in for electrons.

It will usually work that way because again it’s web development and the command you have to run.

Compile your electronic application you can do at the command line which are independent of your ID.

So which ever idea you feel most comfortable with.

Likely it’s not going to be a problem for you to go ahead and continue using it.

We’re also going to build our first electron app.

This is a very hands on course because everything is about creating apps as we go through it.

We don’t spend much time at all really in theory of electron.

We’re just diving right in creating apps one after another.

So right off the bat an introduction after we get our overview and we see how all the pieces fit and

we’ve got an idea we’re going to create a simple app just so we can see how electron works and how you

make all the pieces come together to create it out.

So the first application is going to be a pond or a clock.

If you’re not from erowid this basically what you do is you have a clock you set it to 25 minutes for

example and you do some focused work.

So you’re not interrupted by anything.

So the clock is going to count down and when it finishes you will get a tone or something some signification that the 25 minutes is over.

And then you can go do something else or you can take a break during the twenty five minutes then come back and resume your 25 minutes.

So maybe at 15 minutes you take a break come back and it counts down from 15 until it’s finished.

So allow you to have some very focused productive time.

We’re going to see how to add several clocks instead of just one that you can use.

Then we’ll have a tic tac toe game. We’re going to create a game board.

We’re going to have X in o that we can then use across the board and we’ll get notification of which

one will win in the case.

It will follow the different rules that are involved in tic tac toe then we’re going to have a weather app.

This was going to use an API to get data.

So we’re going to be going out to the Internet and gathering that data and displaying it in our application.

So a lot of well-rounded applications a lot of good stretching of your knowledge and also your skill

set here.

We’re going to do a currency converter.

This is also going to require data from the Internet.

So we’re again going to attach to an API and do conversions from for example the US dollar the yen or

the end to the U.S. dollar.

We’re going to use the British pound the Aussie dollar a Canadian euro.

So some of the very popular ones and how to do the conversions for them.

We’re also going to calculate body mass index.

This is a very popular formula.

What you have with party Mei’s mass index is you take a person’s weight and their height you get

a measure of body fat and it gives you a number.

So for example if you have a BMI of 25 or more that really means you’re over weight and in something

like eighteen point five to twenty four point nine is for people between 18 and 65 is usually the normal


So those are the applications that the Course is going to cover.

And we can go ahead now and jump right in and start building some applications in electron.

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