Java for Beginners – Step by Step

Java for Beginners

Hello and welcome put dissertation on job or Buchner territories.

So we’re going to start with a series on job of which to be very basic We will start with very basic

big nurture Tauriel and we will start from scratch and go up.

So this will be all about Java and Java programming language.

this session we’re going to learn what Java is.

We will look at a very simple architecture of Java and then we will look at some ideas where we build Ourprogram

and execute it.

And it was at Sun Microsystems and the person who created Java was James Gosling and he started on this

project off on Java on 1991 and on in 1990 five Java was officially released.

And Java is a platform independent language so the programs that you write on Java can be executed on

So let’s look at the architecture and the main features of Java will be it is platform independent.


Then we compile a Java program.

It gets converted into byte.

Now bytecode is something which can be understood by the machine and because despite code is platform

independent it can be executed on any operating system.

And the reason why it becomes a platform independent is because it is a job of virtual machine sitting.

So again as we saw this is our goal which will be a dog Java program file.

When we compile it it will get to the byte court which will be a door to class file and file it talked

like an extension.

And then we have JVM running on our machines and this will this court will talk to the JVM Java virtual

if this all the operating system you are on whether you are on Windows Mikolaj Next it will not matter yte code and

the machine will happen through JVM.

So this makes a Java platform independent and that is the major feature of java you can create your nd executed.

this was about a very simple architecture and we will go deeper into the coming sessions and talk.

So are these two integrated development environment.

this means that whenever we write a Java program we need some kind of editor or some environment.

Now having said that we can even create Java programs in a simple notepad or text pad and executed over.

the JVM and we will see how to do that in our next sessions.

But still we need some good ideas which provide us all the features to create an efficient Java crumps.

I I go to the browser Google and I see ideas for Java you can see this.

There’s this site which is showing us free ID for Java Gordon development and programming.

If I go here you will get a list of all the IDs available is that pins.

There is eclipse in TELEGIN idea and so on.

So you can use any of these ideas in our sessions.

We will cover some very basic and commonly used IDs and we will start with that list because eclipse o we’ll start

with Dick list.

and we will learn the Object-Oriented concepts as well.

So this was all about beginning and in the next sessions we will go deeper in our programming.

Hope you like it.

Thank you

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