Hashtag Traffic Generation – Hashtag Marketing

Hashtag Traffic Generation – Hashtag Marketing

Understand exactly how to use hashtags in marketing to create posts that go viral. We expose it all.

Good day and welcome to hash tag traffic generation I would like to welcome you today as we’re about

They don’t understand the value behind hashtag marketing and how to properly use hashtags.

This course will walk you through the entire process and how you can use it to your benefit in order

marketing campaigns however you want to use this.

You will be able to take this course the knowledge that you gain and apply it to your every day business

marketing tactics and be profiting and gaining traffic in large numbers.

If you follow this properly I have a lot of experience in this as you will find out shortly.

I have 22 years of experience in marketing and one of the biggest things that I use towards my marketing

since its inception is hashtags.

Some of the biggest marketers in the world will tell you that I’ve been boasting about hashtags for

as it’s grown in momentum in being adopted by almost all the social networks and media sites as it’s

So in this course you will find that I’m going to focus on three main mediums for hash tag marketing

be in order to gain the most momentum in most traffic to our offers and our posts related to topics

So those networks that we’re going to focus our attention on is Instagram Twitter the developer of the

The other social networks that will touch base on and I’ll show you what they’re good for is YouTube

tumbler imgur Pinterest vine Google Plus and Kickstarter.


These social networks are using hashtags and there’s ways that you can use them in their early stages

of implementing hashtags to better your business and grow your business.

Even though it’s not their mainstream focus as of yet but it’s coming.

much as possible.

OK so if you’re marketing a local business obviously you’re not going to have your campaign go wildly

or something that is mainstream in a niche category.

OK so we’ll look at all those different parameters and we’ll discuss the different options that you

marketing and for your business.

We will show you the different things you can go through in order to better fit in a great way in order



So in this coursework we’re going to cover what our hashtags creating hashtags hashtags for business

now we’ll cover big business and small business hashtags for niche marketing.

So this can be like general audience marketing.

It could be diet could be weight loss could be pets and animals it could be anything for that matter.

We will cover house tag search to find.

OK so there’s a lot of trending hashtags like L-L which a lot of people do have a clue what L-L means.

Well it’s laugh out loud and I’m going to show you how to figure out what those terms mean.

Then we’re going to get into hashtag research.


In that tutorial we will cover all the different parameters of how you research the best hashtags for

Then we’re going to cover trending hashtags in the most popular hashtags for the different platforms

on Facebook and the different uses of it their hash tag tracking which is very very important.

To see how well your campaigns are converting hash tag analytics.

Another very important metric that you will want to follow.

When you’re using hashtags for your marketing campaigns how do you determine your hashtags strength.

It’s a very very useful way to build your campaigns as we dive into that how to properly use hashtags

for your business and your marketing campaigns and how to schedule posts for a week or longer.

So you’re not only sitting at your devices and constantly marketing in order to gain this traffic.


So I hope you are excited about what we’re about to take in.

And I can’t wait to show you all of this so let’s dive in a little bit further.

o who am I.

And do I have the qualifications to be teaching you.

Well my name is Troy James.

I have 22 years of experience.

My main experience or my expertise is in Viral Traffic Generation and guerilla marketing.


So I started off in the industry of marketing for the entertainment sector.

Moreover for the nightclub entertainment sector 22 years ago from that experience I grew in understanding


Then I got into big event marketing such as concerts trade shows in larger avenues that way went back

entertainers helping big performers get their record deals which lead me into Hollywood where I literally

You can see here I am pictured here with Enrique Iglesias here with Counting Crows here with Chris Cornell

all Dean Russell Peters Cheech and Chong.


IMAGINE DRAGONS AND I ARE joking around here where they gave me an autographed guitar and I was there

Miley Cyrus as you can see I got some custom jerseys made that suited her Bangerz tour.

Not to mention all the celebrities I hung out with during that period of time that I wasn’t able to


But as you can see we know each other we have relationships and I do this for a living.

My career has taken me to places that I would have never ever expected.

When it started 22 years ago.

But my main focus and Forte is driving traffic.

That’s what I do.

I drive traffic to Internet mediums in order to boost the audiences that are looking at these things

in order to make it go viral very very quickly.

So I’m always practicing new techniques.

I’m always looking for the new thing that will make my campaigns go viral on the web.

I was able to buy off line businesses.

I bought a lot of real estate.

I started up a software company four and a half years ago that does millions of dollars.

I have now started teaching courses online and I’ve been teaching courses online for eight years.

I work with some of the biggest marketers in the world in product development and research.

more value behind it.

I’m playing for keeps.

When it comes to my marketing my software and the ability for me to help you as a student exceed in

I have a vast experience of making money online as you will see in some upcoming courses for us to make

course that I create and really get a lot of value out of that course for minimal minimal money in cost

OK so I have a lot of experience here that I want to share with you.

Hashtag traffic generation is just one little aspect of what I know is just a fraction of my knowledge

hope you enjoy the journey that you can take with my team and me on what knowledge bases that will

So in this course I will show you all my secret strategies using hashtag marketing and what I do to

For any niche for any market for any style of business.

So without further ado let’s dive into this course and get busy.

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