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Your What’s up guys.

I’m the CEO all marketing all edge and I run a five figure old and digital marketing company and people. I would

start with this cause I wanted to give you a short introduction. What I’m going to teach you how I’m going to teach it

and why you will benefit from it. to get customers. We are a service based company so obviously the methods we are

going to use are different if you have. I don’t know an Amazon affiliate marketing website or if you have a product

based Web site or if you. So for example boards if you pay close attention to this course you will actually benefit a lot.

No matter what you currently do because I will teach you some creative ways probably you haven’t heard service

based businesses but also for products for products and also for all kinds of businesses. And the most important

thing for me with this course is that you not only listen to it and learn directly. I want to inspire you and think

outside of the box. I want to motivate you and also to help you how you can think of ways no one else has ever

thought of that easy anymore. At least with conventional ways most people who run Facebook ads most people do as

you know most people. But as the market gets more and more competitive and of course one it still works. I want to

make you aware of this because every couple of years there is a new way in order to get attention And if you can find

a way that no other person has ever thought of in order to get customers I can assure And that’s why I’m teaching

you this course. I would show you for methods in order to get more customers. The first one is going to be a

Facebook group posting. So you probably already did some marketing stuff on Facebook but you never really thought

of using Facebook groups for your services because Facebook groups are very topic specific a group of people that

have. There are millions of groups on Facebook from all kinds of topics. And if you can get in a lot of groups that are

interested in your work you will get a lot of customers. The second time effort I’m going to teach you Web sites like

fiber. People come out and see you clerks Well you probably already heard of fiber but most of the people don’t know

how to actually use fiber in order to scale your business because of of course if you are a freelancer you can post your

services over there but you can use fiber and people power out for example in a lot Love your work and come back to

you if they need something done because they also want to implement. This is the most important thing. I don’t want

you to get a single customer is going to pay you for a single service or product. Did you serve for a lifetime that stay

and go right you want to get customers that are happy with your be freelance or and work dot com. This is a

really awesome method in order to get customers. This is those two Web sites which usually no one thinks of in order

to get customers. Of course you probably know that if you are freelance or virtual assistance then you can get some

say. I’m going to teach you how we scale our business from zero figures to five figures in a couple of months only by

using freelancers dot com the best Web site in order to get more customers trust me in the fourth method it is going

to be email marketing. What the fuck do we live in 2008 or 2009. No you know marketing is still a thing if you know

how to do marketing properly. Most of the people would just go there and spend a lot of websites. They would send

over 1000 emails or 100 emails every single day that have no actual value and is absolutely. Then I would teach you a

very good way in order to get more customers and just by giving them you upfront and also kind of shocking them.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to analyze every single Web site I’m going to send an email to and tell them what

they are doing wrong. How we can help them and why they will benefit from our services. The main goal of writing

this email ads is to actually give them tell you upfront you are. You already want to have time you want to tell them

what they’re doing wrong because first of all you Right. And if you can help them to get more customers in case you

are and as you all are a digital marketing. They want to work with you. And no matter if you own as your agency I

don’t know take agency. It really doesn’t matter what kind of services you provide to our products. If you can actually

manage to use my templates to use my ideas of doing email marketing and implement of customers before you will

start with discourse. This course is absolutely free. I am sharing so much value and knowledge of you for free. I don’t

want a single dollar from you guys but if you like discourse if you actually enjoy discourse and learned a lot from this

then I would really appreciate one of two things. Then I have good news for you. We will be hiring affiliate marketing

sellers to resell our services and products. Yes you’re right you are taking this course and you can actually make

money from it right now. Once you’ve finished a cars and answered all of the questions from the quiz and went

through the course successfully then if you want to you can shoot me a message on your Demy telling me that you

want to if I like your work. I would love to work with all of you guys. I’m really looking to get a lot of affiliate resellers

for our Web site because this is such a beautiful You can make some money and we can scale our business and

everyone benefits. For me if you know anyone. Some of your friends some of your business clients I don’t know that

wants to get some. It’s all our digital marketing work done them. Our company marketing hot dog nets we are a

professional business doing a CEO for over three years now. We have a lot of happy clients and if you actually take a

look at our Web site if you actually take We actually deliver results so our work talks about us. And if you randomly

somehow know someone that could benefit from our services then please just send we will take care of the rest.

Hopefully you are going to enjoy this course. Hopefully you will benefit a lot and you will make a lot of new sales and

get a lot of new customers. And no let’s start with the first section of this course. Whether you manage your own

affiliate marketing website or have customer-centric services, you can get more customers through this free Udemy


I will teach you how to use creative methods.

  • Facebook
  • fiber
  • Independent
  • Much more …

Why is this course so powerful?

The best part of this process is that you will learn how competitors have never heard of you. This allows you to create

monopolies in niche markets. SEO is not only the best way to earn a client, but it is not the most effective way to

improve your ranking. There are hundreds of better ways to do it, but it is not creative enough to think about. This

course is designed to make you think about creative ways to get more clients. Based on a self-service company called

Marketinghope, I will teach you all the ways. We focus on SEO and SMM for our clients. Now that we are having

problems getting clients in the traditional way, we have found an excellent way to do it. If you want affiliate

marketing for me, you will welcome more if you want to join our team. We recruited people who passed the exam

after the course!

Which are the requirements?

  • Your website / business must already be operational.

What will I get in this course?

  • Make more sales with affiliate marketing.
  • Find creative ways to reach more customers.
  • Get long-term customers who want to return to the website
  • Win your competition gaining monopoly power in specific marketing areas.

What is a target audience?

  • Anyone who tries to sell through affiliate marketing.

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