Create Images, Videos And Presentations with Adobe Spark

Create Images, Videos And Presentations with Adobe Spark

How to use Adobe Spark to create Amazing Videos, Presentations and Social Media Posts in less than 10 minutes!

Hello my name is serene and I am very excited and glad that you have decided to join this course.

Now in this course as you have seen in the promotional video we will talk about Adobe spark now the

best part is a very very useful tool especially if you are a busy entrepreneur or a marketer you don’t

which you can communicate to your audience and basically Adobe SPARC allows you to do this very easily

or with different designers and social media managers and so on.

What’s even more exciting is that the templates that Adobe spark has and the features that it offers

to users are absolutely fantastic.

You are going to love them.

social media posts for Facebook or for Instagram to promotional videos and you can do it like in less

Now as you can see on my screen we are on the first page of the platform.

You can use the platform for free can create an account by logging in your Facebook account or you can

how to do that.

As you can see the address it’s written here in my browser.

It’s park dot Adobe dot com and this is how the first page will look like.

As you can see it’s very simple.

Adobe SPARC you can watch the video.

I highly recommend you to do to do it because it’s a very nice presentation video you will see entrepreneurs



And here you see you can see different images and different projects that other users of Adobe

OK this is how the first page would look like.

Now let me show you guys how you can tell how you can create an account ok you will have a button here

This is where you have to go.

You have to press this button and then you will have a couple of options like signing up for free key

or logging in Facebook or with Google Plus.

And but I’m not going to show you that right now I’m going to go a little bit back to the first page

In the upper manual which also will appear in your account you’ll see an inspiration gallery.

This is very very useful if you’ll let’s say lack ideas and you want to see what other people and users

Then you will have a blog section.

create with Adobe spark about the features of the program and also section for support.

to create them directly.

There you will have an option with make a design but this is more like a presentation and you can see

Now if you go to the inspiration gallery and I highly suggest you to do so you can see some of the some

get inspired by them and so on.

Now that’s that for our first full hour lecture and video guys.

I’m I’m excited that you have the site to be here with me and in our next in our next video and lecture

and what you can do with this fantastic platform.

Thank you for watching.

And I’m looking forward to see you in the next lecture and don’t.

Hello and welcome back to our next video and lecture from discourse on how to use a Adobe Spock to communicate

Now you’ll have seen in the previous video and picture how you can create an account for free on Adobe


Now I’m going to log into my account.

see a little bit in this lecture how your dashboard will look like and which of the possibilities that

By using Adobe SPARC.

So let’s go first.

You have to go to this bottom here which says loggin we will press on this bottom and I will have the

I will select Facebook and now bear for a couple of seconds with me.

Because it will load.

Here is my dashboard as you can see we have here some top Beeks of projects from different users that

use other spark.

Here I have my projects.

Ok what I have to do with Adobe SPARC along the way as you can see there are a lot of projects actually

courses marketplaces and it made my I have to admit that it made my work much more easier.

I’m able to do these kind of presentations or promotional videos in less than 10 minutes which is a

So as you can see I use Adobe SPARC a lot.

And that’s why I want to share it with you guys because I know it can be very useful.

OK so you don’t have to worry all of your projects will be saved here in your dashboard and afterward

you will be able to edit them.

OK we’ll have that option here


We’ll also be able to duplicate them and edit them afterwards to rename them or to download them to

If you want so or you want to delete them you can delete them as well but you have one limited space

And I think that this is a big advantage that at any point in time when you want Eddie DMU can go here

and eddied them there is no problem in doing that.


Now here you will see a small icon like a menu.


In the left top corner of your dashboard here if you’ll press on this small icon a menu will pop up.

OK in this menu will have more options you will have an option to see your project which you can also

That means you want to create if you select one of these options you will be able to create a new type

of content like an image or a page or a video.

Then you have the inspiration gallery where you can go and see what other users have created to block

the spot features.

Mobile apps because you can also use the mobile apps directly on your phone.

The support they react and settings of your account.

So I can go into my settings OK and eddied my account if I want to.

OK but I don’t want to I would leave them like that for now.

But you have this option.

So you know you can go here and you can edit your settings if you want to do so.


Now guys this is basically how your dashboard will look like it’s very very simple either then going

You can just press this.

I can hear with with the plus.

And you’ll also have this this manual which will pop up to you to create a new post on your page or

a new video.

I didn’t tell you much about the page option but basically it will be like a web page which is hosted

And then they can make like a collage of photos videos or catalogs and everything that that you could


So you have this option to create your content from here as well.

OK so basically this is how it looks like now in the next video and lecture I will show you guys how

Afterwards we will go through the stories and then through the videos.

Thank you very much for watching.

And I’m looking forward to see you in the next video as well.

Bye bye till then.

So in here.

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