The Complete WordPress Amazon Affiliate course

The Complete WordPress Amazon Affiliate course

In 2018, learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business using WordPress and Amazon

So the first thing I want to say is a massive thank you.

I know you’re busy but you’re not going to be disappointed with everything I have to share with you.

Now this course has fantastic potential to either supplement your existing income or you really want

Make it into a full time job is entirely up to you.

And in fact with that in mind that is what’s so important.

All of my courses are based on helping you build out a real business from home and the absolute key

Without action you won’t actually make any money right.

I want you to get as much as you can from them or into contact me.

Should you have any issues at all and build out a fantastic business that it can be really proud of.

It’s the next thing I need to really appreciate is how to do affiliate marketing the right way because

You know back when this all started on the Internet in the early 2000s the way affiliate marketing was

But the first thing the thing you really have to grasp before we get any further is that this is not

a get rich quick scheme you know what I’m teaching you here is how to build a real business if you want

Then you need to treat it that way.

You know you’re not going to get rich in the next month or the next six weeks doing these kind of affiliate

Every business takes time and dedication.

so many people out there promising these untold riches in no time whatsoever.

Nobody to get it to sign up for some sort of paying service which mysteriously turns out to not be quite

as great as you’d expect.

So please do not treat this as a get rich screen.

It’s a real business.


OK so I hope I’ve driven that point home.

Now the other thing is that you always operate in a niche market niche is just a small part of the market

a very small area that you will become an expert in.

We’re going to talk about those sorts of things coming lectures because the aim and I’ve put this in

We want to add value through product reviews and how to articles I talked about this before.

One of the other slides basically as that customer potential customer comes to your site youre not selling

going to enable them to make the decisions that they want to make and ultimately click on the links

in your site or on your site.

They’ll take a web or go to Amazon and pay for the products.

So this is all about adding value.

Is not like traditional e-commerce store where we’re listing products a very different process.

You know what about competition.

There’s always going to be competition.

doing it where they’re doing it well or not is another thing but competition is good.

Our products are selling extremely well.

If there was no profitable market there would be no competition.

So think of competition as a really good thing.

So the next thing I want to do here is just show you two or three sites out there just to give you some

Some good examples of people doing affiliate marketing the right way.

So let’s jump over and have a look at a few of those.

All right so this first one is the cook top reviews.

Got it.

Now a lot of these things you know these knishes and this is clearly a niche on cooktops specifically

All right.

So people going to the Internet looking for information that can buy cooked up of some kind.

And so these people put together the cooktop previews Guide OK.

This is exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about.

We don’t have the sort of typical cart and the shop and all those things that you get with the traditional

It’s all about helping the person make the right decision the best induction cooktops the best electric

This is not the most exciting subject in the world but there’s money here and these guys are doing it

in the way you would expect.

Here’s another equally exciting topic.

It’s called the Schritt a pick and it’s all about reviewing.

That after all be very banal very boring.

But it’s a similar process.

Somebody is come here they’ve done all kinds of product reviews they’ve started.

They gave people genuine added value about what they would expect when wanting to buy a paper shredder.

All right.

And lastly just to sort of stick on the subject of not being that interesting here is there a vacuum


But he’s gone off and interviewed a bunch of vacuums and again written about them and allowed people

And as you go through these various sites you’re going to see that when you click on various links you’re

So I would encourage you to go to those three sites have a play around that’s really going to give you

Now I’m not saying these are the best by any means.

A good starting point so enjoy looking around those.

Take your time and I’ll see you in the next slide.

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