Build Landing Pages & Course Funnels With Thrive Themes

Build Landing Pages & Course Funnels With Thrive Themes

Learn why Thrive Themes Content Builder Is Awesome for Selling Digital Products, Sales Pages, Lead Generation & More

It my name is John Shea and inside this course what we’re going to be doing is going to be talking about

a popular landing page builder called Thrive theme’s content Dolor what are going to be sharing with

Basically you’re going to get a full in-depth view of how to actually use the plug in.

We’re going to talk a little bit about what the plugin does how you can utilize this on WordPress Web

been built with the Thrive content builder and I’m even going to walk through a live sales funnel that

Content builder.

So you’re going to get pretty much a full glimpse of how this tool is something that you could utilize

And if the something that you decide you want to pick up yourself or leave a link below this video where

It’s a really really great tool that I still currently recommend is my number one landing page builder

versus all the other competition and the main reason for that is the price.

They have all the features you could possibly need.

But at the same time you’ve also got pretty much the capability of doing things like landing pages sales

with a builder when it comes to actually building out these content pages.

So if you have any questions as you go through the course feel free to send me a message or just ask

Thanks for watching and enjoy the course.

OK so in this video I wanted to introduce you to thrive themes and basically thrive themes is a series

WordPress themes and they have a whole series of plug ins.

So inside this course what I’m mostly going to be talking about is there are three five themes content

Bilour you could see that if you go over the three theme song comp you could take a look at some of

addresses and then the content Bolar as well as the landing pages are all kind of built into the Thrive

They also have some cool widgets and things that are built into some of their tools they’ve got a headline

awesome testimonial pages and helping with conversions


So let’s go over to the content builder.

If you do discover the content builder you can learn a little bit more about it.

And then we’re going to dive in and I’m going to actually show you the tool to show you how it works.

And I’m also going to show you some of the pricing in this video so you can get an idea of what this

So there’s thousands of people that use that thrive content Bilour in my opinion is the best landing

There are others out there that are really awesome as well as lead pages click funnels some of these

But the reason that I always go back to thrive themes is the cost.

And for me it’s been something where I’ve found that building landing pages with the Thrive content

And honestly in some cases I find that it can be a little bit more simpler to get things going.

And the biggest caveat is the pricing.

Both lead pages and click funnels have monthly pricing.

Even other landing page Boulder’s such as unbalance or some of the other major major landing page builders

have monthly fees attached to them.

But overall I found that the content builder is ultimately the best that’s out there in terms of feature

get that on one site one domain and you have now limited capabilities.

whereas if you were to use something like lead pages or click funnels it’s all hosted on their platform

So if you’re running a sales page with thousands and thousands of visitors and you had a really slow

WordPress host then maybe that could cause you problems with drive themes.

But I have a really high end hosts so I don’t have to worry about that and I don’t necessarily think

So don’t worry too much about that.

Let’s talk a little bit about the features.

Everything is very easy to use you can drag around boxes kind of move things around them.

They basically show you everything that you’re editing is that exactly what the visitor sees you’re

Everything’s basically designed for conversions you can add in social proof you can do different things

customizable responsive pricing tables so if you’re doing sales pages that’s really important.

They have some really awesome what font icons built in some of the templates.

Click the tweet box so they get some nice integrated features for social media fully responsive video.

You can add in like a table of contents.

You can build your lists with their lead generation elements custom posts and content grids you pretty

They’ve even get things like you can add in response of Google map or add in Star ratings for your reviews

Everything is drag and drop again.

Really easy to use.

Everything is mobile friendly.

You can add in animations and events to specific pages so certain things will have different reactions

It could open a light box or have some other action that can happen for that user.

So that’s another really cool feature set that they’ve added in

you pretty much have the capability of doing tons of different things like creating high end sales pages

home page layouts blog posts contact pages.

And you know capability with this.

And again they include a whole ton of different templates which will go over in the coming videos for

waining pages and different things in terms of the pricing you’re looking at one license for one site

updates if you decide to go with a higher license pack.

set up this other domain and you could go at the $97.


And that’s going to allow you to install this on up to five Web sites.

I actually got in on a special deal when they were launching early and I got an unlimited license pack.

So I’ve actually I’m able to install it on as many sites as I want and they do have some agency licenses.

If you are really looking to scale up I believe.

You can get a monthly annual $49 a month so you’d be paying over a year period.

Or you could pay quarterly and pay $60 a month and that’s going to allow you to use as many of their

So it will be something you’re going to be building a lot of sites utilizing their plug ins and tools

and everything.

So I wanted to show you guys that as well.

But yeah there’s a really me pause video here.

My is a really awesome plug in.

Again we’re basically going to start going through I’m going to show you how I’ve utilized this in my

tuned and check out the next upcoming videos.

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