Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Photo Editing Masterclass

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Photo Editing Masterclass

Now in here I’ve downloaded three files all three of them so the first one is a picture of someone’s

The next image is a shot with some graffiti on a pillar.

So we’ll be using these three files to you know alter the image in some way.

Now the next folder we have is the Logos folder and in here we have an EPA has filed an IP and g file.

So we’ll get to those a little later in the course.

So now we have Photoshop now.

I’ve set up the workspace to essentially default if you don’t see any of these panels.

That’s OK.

So this is the basic layout of Photoshop.

You have tools on the side.

You have some additional options up here.

You have a whole bunch of different stuff like you know the layer panel the navigator history character

So first let’s go into a window.

This will be where all of the panels exist.

Go into a window.

Same thing with let’s say character.

Here’s character and then there are those functions as well.

And you can see the other ones that are open on the left side here.

We have a bunch of different tools.

We have our main selection tool which is the rectangular marquee tool and if you click it hold you can

For example a circle here or some different shapes.

Now you see that pretty much every single tool has a tiny arrow in the bottom right corner.

That means that if you click on hold you’ll get additional options and that means basically new tools.

Down here we have some different color.

here we have our character window.

This is where we can edit that stuff.

If we were to create a new layer the layers would show up over here and in the next lesson we will start.

This is the size of the actual Photoshop canvas or the the project itself.

This is the resolution obviously.

So I always work in pixels but if you are going to print.

You can work in inches if you prefer that lets go pixels on both.

We’ll make this 1920 by 10 80 because I tend to work with a lot of video stuff so I just keep it.

So 19:28 identity or resolution of 72 is fine if you want a higher resolution.

Let’s say you’re printing a gigantic banner then you can go to you know 300 color mode.

RG B again if you are going to print I would suggest switching to CNY OK but for all web stuff stick pixels.

OK so that’s basically the set up we can save a preset if we want and we will go to.

Now this is what opens up.

So the way to unlock that is you hold alter option so alt on a PC or option on a Mac.

And you just double click that releases the letter.

OK so with this layer selected you can see that if we go over here with the main selection tool selected.

we can click and drag this wherever we want and it’s the same size as our project canvas.

So if you drag it all the way up you’ll see that it auto snaps and you’ll see by the by the lines.

This HD project set up if we want it to work for example in a larger resolution.

we can go to image can resize changes to pixels and then put in what we want.

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