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My name is Kristin I’m one of the pioneers here at some web.

Originally I was born over east but I grew up in a small town called Wanaka which is in the south of

But contrary to most the strange belief about New Zealanders No I’ve never worked as a scaffolder but

I have worked in the mines and that’s where I originally started here in Perth.

So I came over and started offshore oil and gas.

It was a month on month off roster and I was there for a little while until I had a bit of an injury

watching Dr Phil.


Anyone who knows me I can sit down for a considerable amount of time so leading up to that surgery.

I was looking for something to keep me busy.

Now I went to a monts at seminar by the name of Paul Blackburn.

Highly recommended to anyone whose interests interest in that sort of stuff.

But a couple was speaking by the name of Matt and Liz rod and they were talking about how you can buy

So I thought perfect That sounds exactly like me and to explain how you do it it’s a lot kind of like

So we bought an old rundown Web site might be an informational Web site.

We do it up.

We monetize it get traffic generating to it and they would sell it down the road for profit.

So for the next six months there’s me in a sling bashed in the keyboard with one arm and Dr. Phil is

So and I learnt as much as I could about this buying and selling websites I bought about them about

90 percent of the ones I bought I crashed and then 10 percent started to work.

one month back in Perth and I’ll just try and build these websites up and I started to gain a little

really generating Web sites overseas because most of these Web sites were based in the United States

can you do the same thing for local business in Perth.

And I said sure one of the principles is that the same.

And that’s pretty much how some of Web was born RORTer somewhat web is a customer generating.

So I leave in writing a web design agency specializing in exceptional web design and search engine optimization


Everything we do is to generate customers from your Web site.

If your web site is not generating customers and is just a very expensive business card because we personally

to learn some free tips today on how you guys can do that for free with the seminar.

It’s going to be basically a bit of a crash course.

We’re going to run through it.

about it for your business.

And then going to give some Step-By-Step tips on what you can do so you can implement these strategies.

Welcome to SEO for local service companies. You will learn to understand the basic concepts of SEO and the steps to follow to direct traffic to the website of your local company.
In this class, I will show you.

  • ✔ What is SEO?
  • ✔ Why SEO is better than other digital marketing techniques
  • ✔ How to study your niche and competence
  • ✔ Create optimized content optimized for your customers.
  • ✔ How to promote it
  • ✔ Learn some free tools and analyze the results.
  • ✔ SEO techniques in specific areas

You will have an example of my real life that will guide you in each step.

I designed this process for people with no previous experience in digital marketing or websites.

You do not need coding and you do not even need to have a website.

Click on the Learn Now button on the right to learn more about how to create more customers on your local company’s website. Then you will see this course.

Which are the requirements?

  • A basic understanding of how websites work, no coding is required!

What will I get in this course?

  • Understand the basics of SEO
  • Steps to generate website traffic

What is a target audience?

  • This course is for people with a beginner SEO level.

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