How To Build Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels

Build Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels

We are you going to learn in this masterclass in the first part of this course.

‘ll talk about the definition and the overall structure of sales funnels.

We’ll cover the five steps sales funnel structure and later on the OTFE model and

The second part of this course we’ll learn step by step how to create a bi persona.

We’ll have a look at six different types of analysis and we’ll learn about people driven data analysis approach.

Afterwards we’ll cover the OTFE model which divides every sales funnel into three parts.

The TOTN MOTAS BATF the TOTN standing for top of the funnel MOTAS for middle of the funnel and beyond tier for bottom of the funnel.

In this regard are additionally covered dozens of marketing strategies that you will learn to apply right away on your first funnel as soon as

we learned about the XO T.F. model will cover more than 20 highly converting sales funnels.

We’ll draw them all together and you’ll be able to download the funnel plan for each of the 20 plus funnels we create

in this part of the course.

We will step by step.

Draw out the success funnels of Amazon and crazy AKK will cover email marketing very MailChimp and much.

More you will learn how to create Facebook ads based funnel email marketing based funnel web based funnels and much more.

In this video I can show you how you can introduce yourself to the Course Community.

First of all why should you even introduce yourself to the Course community.

Well for me as an instructor and of course also for all the other students in this course

it always means the world to us if we get to know each other.

So for me personally it’s great because then I know a little bit about you but also of course for the other students

because they might see you and think.

All right this person has the same struggles as I have.

So how exactly can you introduce yourself to the Course community.

Well after you watch this video just head over to the right top corner.

Click on go to dashboard and when you’re in your dashboard click on Q and A in the

so called unique

view in A.S. there is little white box normally there.

You can ask me questions but this time I don’t want you to ask me a question

but rather to answer question and that is why are you taking this course.

What is your goal.

Where do you want to be in let’s say 12 months time.

So right there was it not here for this video.

Thank you so much Downloading.

And are going to see each other in you to meet you in A.S..

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